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Often described as passionate, adventurous, and at times, mysterious, Whitney Ann Jenkins, is a risk-taker when it comes to her craft, and her life.  


Born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia, from an early age, she expressed interest in performing. Whenever asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she replied,"An actress."  Everyone laughed at this because she was terribly quiet. In fact, she was so silent that in school  whenever a teacher would call on her in the classroom, her classmates would answer for her

and say "Oh, she doesn't talk." 

Breaking out of her shell, little by little, she began surprising people and continues to.  As an actress, musician, and writer, Whitney Ann is always seeking work that is both challenging and relevant, boldly bringing to light the vulnerability and truth of herself through songwriting as well as the characters she portrays. She is passionate about the power of storytelling and its ability to connect, globally and universally; believing that every human on this planet has an interesting story of value, 

Having lived and explored all over the world, she is now based in California. 


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Written and Performed by Whitney Ann Jenkins

Produced by Jr Lobbo



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“Whitney Ann Jenkins bowled the crowd over with her rendition of Sally Bowles. She was deliciously naughty and most pleasant to listen to.

She sings with a boldness that belies her tiny frame."             

            Sally Bowles in CABARET


"She portrayed Babe’s sadness, innocence and compassion with great control, revealing her character warts and all layer by layer.”

         Babe in CRIMES OF THE HEART


“Jenkins carries much of the weight in this show, and with a strong cast such as this, she fits like a glove. Her many talents serve her well as she brings to life a very dynamic and complex part, troubled yet strong, steadfast but open to changing course when new information is revealed.”


Watching a Movie


"As the Lady of the Lake, Whitney Ann Jenkins impressed with her powerful singing voice."

        Lady of the Lake in SPAMALOT

“Whitney Ann Jenkins offered up several great performances where she was both pensive and passionate. Her expressiveness draws the audience into whatever she is feeling.”

          Hope and Marvalyn in ALMOST, MAINE

“Whitney Ann Jenkins puts a mature spin on Marty.”

                   Marty in GREASE