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About Me


Hello and Welcome :) 

     In 2015, on the morning of my Debut Album Release Show, an event that I had been preparing for FOR YEARS, I woke up without a voice. When I say without a voice, I mean that I could barely squeak out a sound. Not only was I expected to sing that evening, but I was making a first impression by presenting my own original material for the very first time. It wasn't a very good situation. Unsure of what to do, I tried all of the traditional methods that I could muster: I gargled with salt water, took a hot shower, inhaled dangerous amounts of Vick's Vapo Rub, chugged honey, drank throat coat and tea until I had to pee every 5 seconds, etc, etc... and none of it was working! I finally went to see a doctor because at that point I was desperate, and I wanted to see if they could give me a cortisone shot, because you know, that's what all of the famous rock n' rollers do...But my doctor wouldn't give it to me, because it was "too risky." I was running out of options, and time.


    Feeling like Ariel after Ursula stole her voice, I remembered being in a Yoga Class once, and hearing someone talk about Reiki and its healing capabilities. On to Google I searched, and though I didn't find a local practitioner open in my area, I found a Reiki Master online, who performed Distant Reiki Sessions based in the UK. At this point, I had nothing to lose, so I sent in my payment, and filled out the details of the contact form, and surrendered to whatever was going to happen.


   I didn't speak to anyone up until the time of the show. While my band was setting up and we did our sound check, I opened my mouth to sing, and I realized I had been miraculously healed. Not only was I able to sing that night, but many people gave me feedback that it was the best they've ever heard me sing. Ever. 


  Needless to say, I became a believer in Reiki, which led me to study it myself so that I could share it with others. I've been a certified Reiki Master since 2018, and it's been an incredible journey. 


   I love having the opportunity to show people that they have everything they need inside of themselves to heal. Sometimes it just takes a little re-aligning where things have fallen off balance.


   We are all made of energy, and that transcends time and space to an interconnectedness that allows for the potential to wake up to our highest capacity and understanding. Reiki enhances the ability to come into alignment with our true selves, as individuals, as well as collectively.